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Papier Mache

  • Wetlands

    The story of a young woman’s voyage to womanhood. Through poetry and prose, the author explores the conflicting emotions of childhood, the intensity of adolescence, the joys of motherhood, and the richness of maturity.

    Author: Patti Tana

    ISBN: 978-0-918949-35-6

    Paperback $8.00

    128 Pages

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  • Gibson Speaks: The World’s Tallest Dog Talk’s About His Life with Sandy Hall

    Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, Gibson is the tallest dog in the world. He speaks, “I love you!” and has done so on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Gibson has also spoken with Cesar Millan, the famous dog whisperer. He is a comedian and has been on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Gibson is one of the most famous dogs in the world today. The Japanese and French are especially fond of Gibson. In his six years, he has been in parades, flown first class, danced with Paris Hilton and shared the stage with Michael Clark Duncan.

    He speaks with Sandy Hall all the time. She has written his thoughts in this autobiography.

    Really, Gibson is a regular dog. He was born in Grass Valley, California on the edge of the Sierras. He was the oldest of twelve puppies born to Millennium’s Girl and Harley Quinn. Gibson is a Harlequin Great Dane. The Harlequin refers to his black and white patched coat.

    About the Author: Sandy Hall

    ISBN: 978-1-57601-095-2
    $14.95 Paperback
    6.00 x 9.25  96 pages
    Juvenile Fiction: Pets/Animals

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  • Nurturing Respect: Giving Children an Understanding of Their Elders

    “We live in a world of accelerating change and one of the most significant changes is human longevity.  This has an impact not only on the length of our lives but also on the quality of those years as well. Unfortunately, little is done to educate people when they are young — from elementary school on — as to what they should expect.  Gerald Larue’s book shows that something can be done — indeed, is being done — that could serve as a guide to all school systems in addressing this need.  It is critical, because our health, economic security and happiness in later years are highly dependent on the choices we make and actions we taken when younger.  The volunteer experience described in this book also shows us how to take into the years of wisdom and experience of older people to make the educational experience very real and enjoyable.  I highly recommend NURTURING RESPECT to all interested in shaping a better quality of life for all.” — Horace Deets, Former Executive Director of AARP, Research Fellow to Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Age Lab, Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Institute of Ageing, and Chair of the Board of Help Age International, and Board Member of National Council of La Raza

    About the Author: Gerald Larue

    ISBN: 978-1-57601-094-5
    7.00 x 9.50 in.

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  • If I Had a Hammer: Women’s Work in Poetry, Fiction, and Photographs

    Empowerment and self-determination are two words that come to mind when trying to describe this collection.  This is not to say that a utopian workplace is portrayed herein.  Exploitation has not been eradicated; equal pay is still the goal, not the reality.  Work can often be boring and unfulfilling.

    But women here are not victims.  These are strong women — survivors.  They set boundaries, take risks, demand respect, and maintain their self-esteem, with or without the help of management, coworkers, family or friends.  And they do it with a sense of humor!  In traditional and nontraditional jobs, at home and in the workplace, these women are using their power to take charge of their own lives, challenging each of us to do the same.

    About the Author: Sandra Martz

    ISBN: 978-0-918949-09-7
    7.00 x 9.50 in.

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  • At Our Core: Women Writing About Power

    Sandra Haldeman Martz — whose bestselling anthology series celebrating women’s lives brought us I Am Becoming the Woman I’ve Wanted (winner of a 1995 American Book Award) and If I Had a Hammer: Women’s Work — explores another profound issue for women: our concept of power in our lives.  At Our Core: Women Writing about Power articulates the awesome breadth and subtlety of what power means to women.

    These stories, poems, and photographs convey the phenomenon of women being in control of their own lives.  We know these women — some of whom have been hurt physically, emotionally, or spiritually — who yearn to be understood, to be allowed to participate as equals, to live each day with peace.

    Breathtakingly honest and courageous, these voices honor and validate women’s uniquely personal definitions of power.  Women will cry and rejoice at the searing beauty of these intimately familiar stories.

    About the Author: Sandra Martz

    ISBN: 978-0-918949-86-8
    $12.00 Paperback
    7.00 x 9.50 in.

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  • Grow Old Along With Me – The Best is Yet to Be

    Falling in love again after being widowed, redefining roles with children, men facing retirement, women discovering new opportunities for growth – both men and women explore the daily nuances of growing older in this captivating new anthology from Sandra Martz.  These stories and poems speak straight to the hearts of the vast baby boomer generation, reflecting their personal experiences as they turn fifty, and exploring the future terrain of old age.

    In the enriching tradition of her million-copy bestseller, When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple, Sandra Haldeman Martz rewards us with her latest celebration of aging: Grow Old Along with Me — The Best is Yet to Be. This outstanding anthology shares poignant experiences of growing old from the perspectives of both women and men.

    About the Author: Sandra Martz

    ISBN: 978-0-918949-86-8
    $12.00 Paperback
    7.00 x 9.50 in.

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  • I Am Becoming The Woman I’ve Wanted

    I Am Becoming the Woman I’ve Wanted, the latest in the series of best-selling anthologies (When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple and If I Had My Life to Live Over I would Pick More Daisies), delves into the sometimes hidden and always powerful feelings that women have about their bodies.  In the emotionally evocative style that characterizes Martz’s previous collections, this book explores coming of age, sexuality, child-birth, physical power, menopause, aging, and much more.

    This is more than just another book about body image.  Using her talent for bringing together extraordinary stories, poems, and photographs about women’s lives, editor Sandra Martz explores the broader question of how the physical aspects of being female affect women’s experiences.  This best-selling anthology will have women reading and thinking and sharing for a long time.

    About the Author: Sandra Martz

    ISBN: 978-0-918949-50-9
    $16.00 Hardcover
    7.00 x 9.50 in.

    Buy It Now:

  • If I Had My Life To Live Over I Would Pick More Daisies

    This companion volume to the award-winning anthology, When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple, illuminates the experiences of women, young and old, reflecting on the choices they have made. In these stories and poems we see how women’s alternatives are both extended and limited by personal belief systems, ethnic and cultural identity, class and economic status, age, and gender. Whether exploring significant public events or small private choices, these word portraits resonate with authenticity and meaning.

    About the Author: Sandra Martz

    ISBN: 978-0-918949-25-7
    $18.00 Hardcover
    7.00 x 9.50 in.

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  • When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple

    This enchanting collection of writings and photographs evokes the beauty, humor and courage of women living in their later years and tells of the endearing moments of joy–and passion–to be found in the rich and varied world of midlife and beyond. An award-winning anthology that takes a refreshing look at issues of aging in a society that glorifies youth. Over 1.6 million copies of the anthology have been sold across the United States. This groundbreaking collection was one of the first non-clinical and positive books on women and aging, and was written by older women themselves. It challenged stereotypes and confronted the invisibility of older women in America.

    About the Author: Sandra Martz

    ISBN: 978-1-57601-078-5
    7.00 x 9.50 in

    Buy It Now:

  • Sandy Hall

    Mother of Gibson, the world’s tallest dog, Sandy Hall helped him write this short autobiography of his life. This is a collaborative effort that grew out of Gibson’s first words, “I Love You”.  This is his first book.

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