Webb Hubbell

Webb Hubbell is a nationally recognized author, lecturer, and speaker on government, business and leadership. He has held executive level positions in government and industry including: U.S. Associate Attorney General, Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, Mayor of Little Rock Arkansas, Managing Partner of the second largest law firm in Arkansas, and Executive and […]

Charles C. Pettijohn Jr.

Charles C. Pettijohn was born in New York in 1918. A golf star at a young age, Pettijohn attended Georgetown University. After college he and his wife moved to Hollywood. Pettijohn took a job with the Motion Picture Production Code Board, and then went on to a career as a writer, and a production executive […]

Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds has a passion for the mountains. He spends several months throughout the year in various high mountain regions doing research for his guidebooks. With Cicerone, he has authored 50 books, including guidebooks for the five major trekking regions of Nepal. When he is not in the mountains, he lives with his wife in […]

Paul Kengor, Ph. D.

Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College and executive director of the college’s Center for Vision & Values. Kengor is an internationally recognized authority on Ronald Reagan. Kengor is nationally known for his work on the American presidency. He is part of a select group of presidential scholars to participate […]

Maggie Valentine

Maggie Valentine, Ph.D., teaches history and theory of architecture, urban planning, and interior design at USTA. She received her Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Planning from UCLA. She has also co-authored several master plans for communities in South Texas.  

Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton is a freelance writer and philosopher, who rescued himself from the academy twenty years ago. He currently lives in rural Wiltshire, England. He has held posts in the American Enterprise Institute, and in the Ethics and Public Policy Center. He is married with two children. He is the author of 40 books, including […]

Margaret Wittmer

Margret Wittmer, daughter of Johannes Walbroel, a goldsmith, and Eva Leuchtenberg was born in Cologne on July 12, 1904. Margret, her husband, and her stepson moved to Floreana in 1932. She gave birth to a son and a daughter while living on the island. She returned to Germany on two occasions: the first in 1935, […]

Patricia Sexton

After nearly a decade in banking, Patricia Sexton decided to pursue her life’s dream to work in television as a foreign correspondent. She moved to Mongolia and anchored the English News. Patricia has worked for CBS News, London’s International Life, and regularly blogs about other people following their dreams. She is an on-air host for […]

Kevin Sabet

From 2009-2011, Kevin Sabet served in the Obama Administration as Senior Advisor at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). Sabet now directs the Institute on Drug Policy at UF and is a consultant working with governments, NGOs, the media, and other organizations on a wide range of drug policy issues.  His […]

Carina Hoang

At the age of sixteen, Carina Hoang left Vietnam with two younger siblings and four hundred strangers in a frail wooden boat and set off across the South China Sea. They survived the journey and the extreme challenges that followed in a primitive refugee camp, and ultimately were accepted for resettlement in the United States. […]

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