EBooks to the Rescue!

I’m sure many of you remember Ezra Jack Keats’ adored children’s book The Snowy Day.  This book, which chronicles a day in the life of a boy on the first snow day of the season, is a classic. It is a favorite of adults and children alike  in past generations and will be, undoubtedly, for generations to come.

Unfortunately, real snow days aren’t half as glamorous as the one depicted in The Snowy Day. In reality, especially for us city dwellers, snowy days often mean messy commutes, pools of black slush in the streets, and suspended subway service.

Luckily for us here in New York the blizzard that hit this past weekend, Nemo didn’t cause too much damage compared with other states further North. We got lucky considering the amount of snow that got dumped on New England and caused a considerable amount of damage to homes and businesses along the coast.

Longfellow Books inPortland, Maine is one of the businesses that got hit hard by Nemo and has had to close its doors while they get things back in order after experiencing severe water damage.  Thankfully, the eBook is here to save the day! While Longfellow Books’ doors are closed, loyal patrons and new customers both can support the store’s recovery by purchasing eBooks through Kobo. Longfellow Books is just one of the many Indie bookstores that are offering their titles on eBook marketplaces such as Kobo.

 It’s strange to think of our favorite brick and mortar shops existing in cyberspace, but the hardship experienced by Longfellow Books in this storm is testament to the fact that there is a time and a place for eBooks, even if you don’t consider yourself an eReader. We wish Longfellow Books all the best and hope they are able to open their doors soon because, after all, there’s nothing like your neighborhood bookstore.


Over and Out,

Madame Beauvary

Author: Beaufort Books

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