Madame BEAUvary: An Introduction

Hello there! My name is Claudia and I’m the newest intern here at Beaufort. I’m honored and excited to be here! I guess I’ll start by providing a few facts about myself to help you paint a more vivid picture of who I am and hopefully I won’t scare you away… Let’s see, I’m an avid reader, aspiring writer, and after a whirlwind post-graduate year abroad I’m more than ready to carve my niche in publishing and am psyched to make Beaufort my first stop.

My nom de plume — Madame BEAUvary — isn’t so much a testament to my character, but, rather, a tribute in memoriam of my beloved dwarf hamster who was named, lovingly, Gustave Flaubert. Am I seeming a little crazy? I kindly ask that you reserve judgment until you’ve seen a dwarf hamster. They’re adorable, in a “That’s a rodent, isn’t it?” sort of way…

Anyway, I’m greatly looking forward to sharing my words and thoughts with you lovely readers over the course of my stay here and hope that I can provide if nothing else just a little bit of entertainment to brighten up your day. I also hope to shed some light (my perspective, anyway) on some of the day-to-day news in the publishing business from time to time. I know how much I enjoy reading the blogs of my favorite publishers and fellow bookworms and am honored to be able to be a contributing voice to the wonderful one offered here at Beaufort. I will not take this opportunity lightly, I assure you! To provide evidence of my dedication to this cause, here’s something fun: a link to a very serious quiz(the result of which will astonish and amaze):

Unfortunately it’s too cold in New York City for me to think of anything more poignant or relevant to share with you today…

See you next time!

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