Meaningful Leadership is a MUST

Originally posted on May 14, 2011 by LiftOff Leadership

Meaningful Leadership

Leaders have a profound and powerful influence on the trajectory of our futures. The dominant leadership model that we have operated under for the past three decades is that financial success is the #1 determinant of overall success. This has resulted in a consumer driven, market dominated style of leadership that rewards growth and profits, at any cost.

This pervasive way of thinking…”more is better” is literally killing us and our environment. This consumer driven model  has entrapped most of our population into running like crazy on a hamster wheel,  trying to find the thing or things that will finally give them inner peace and happiness. And we have enough evidence, through our declining health, intellect, innovation, political wisdom and financial structures, to know that this model is a recipe for disaster, after disaster.

It is time to change the way that we define leadership success. The future of our communities and countries needs leaders who understand that the best measure of success is the quality of lives and livelihoods under their watch.

Leaders need to truly believe and operate by the tenant that true contribution is a measure of the purpose and meaning instilled into organizations and people through their leadership, their products and services. Numerical measures of success alone tell only a part of a larger responsibility to sustaining and benefiting humanity.

Betty Shotton

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